Nentremke Dhadha, 2018
Teh Salam, Nasi Gurih, Telur Balado, Oseng Bayam, Tempeh Penyet,
Buncis Tumis, Opor Ayam dan Kelepon.

Tikar anyam dan Siaran RCTI yang tidak tersampai.

Nentremke Dhadha; Memiliki makna bahwa makan mampu membuat tentram bagi hari kita yang terdapat dalam dada.


The Sanskrit text Natya shastra presents the _ theory in Chapter 6, a text attributed to Bharata Muni. The text begins its discussion with a sutra called in _ aesthetics as the rasa sutra:

Rasa is produced from a combination of Determinants (vibhava), Consequents (anubhava) and Transitory States (vyabhicaribhava).
— Natyashastra 6.109 /200 BCE–200 CE

तव॒ त्ये पि॑तो॒ रसा॒ रजां॒स्यनु॒ विष्ठि॑ताः ।
दि॒वि वाता॑ इव श्रि॒ताः ॥

reminds the ardent seekers about the six kinds of Rasa or taste which food has but which all tastes cannot be found in one place or item, for these tastes are variously distributed throughout space.

Food, in this context, means matter or objects or thoughts, which are all produced effects; effects that are produced owing to various causes. The Rasas are the unique qualities which bring about variety in things created whose source is one and one only.

Alexander Sebastianus H.


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