A word is defined, 

yet functions to defy. It has defined me, how unfitted the labels may be displaced. Within the pre-existence of an I, there were I’s, and other I’s. There was a narrative, a story, told, I can’t fully hold. It may define the very existence of the I, this I. The case are completely different for every existence and ontologies of the here,  perhaps? The offspring, shares the blood of the womb, and the womb’s before. When there is blood there is skin, a lung, a heart and a mind, a whole part. A part of the womb is now apart. I was from her, I am hers. I am her. Am I her. The sentence localizes a word.

It defines it. It is not the case of the every.
Maybe the majority. The child doesn’t know the from. But rather adopts the from. From skin and body, to mind and soul. Every tip of the every existence of the I.
We all came from the from. The from is a multiplicity of location and reallocation. I don’t know where this writing goes. One thing could come from a place, another would come from a different. A place comes from infinite numbers of matter, as we may wish to count or.

My froms are infinite and uncounted, yet definite and certain to how I have become. Before I was born, I was already defined, in expectation of. Yet, in excitement to what is coming towards.

What one or a thing “is”, itself is already a noun in distinction of the opposing. Difference, is what makes a subject in character to what its defined.


The same and difference.
The I’s and other I’s.
Its arm flaps, the whole elevates above ground. I can feel it, but I can’t in matter do the same. Their whole body is around 16 times smaller than this. It can perceive and reverberate, as do I. On different planes. they move freely in flux, from hybrid to ground. I only can see the micro, as I am attached and chained to the ground. We are both skined but. layered and textured differently, a different softness I see. 

I feel the same yet, not at full. 

It is a baby bird, my mother mentions. Thats. But this is human, here is human. Not a bird.

The word is human. Human no bird. 
Through recognizing difference a word becomes more defined, distinguished, yet limited. 

A word is a question

Without a formal syntax of its own. A structure, a sentence, a question mark or even an intonation. 

A word may serve as a question.

Without presence of others, in isolation. The word stands alone as a raised question. When the word becomes unknown with no action or context, then a word becomes a question itself. 

I felt the same, in learning of. This language. 
I pulled through, maybe. or still pulling.

A word is a refined. A word is a new tool.

In continuity, what defines a word is in continuous refinement. The word it self is a tool.

A tool that functions in specificity. Can be altered, and repurpose for the need of the current. As situations change and different sets of problems can’t be solved using the same form of equations that was given. We can create new words or sets of equations. But, inefficient, the start will exhaust in attempt.

The possibility of relearning the given and repurposing such tool in service of others, allows change. Change of and within the tool, in use. The tool grows a branch of nerve in function of another action. The user adapts at ease. As the tool already exist in prior. Only an alteration and shift in movement on how it functions, can easily access the new tool.

It is easier to alter our muscle memory than practicing a new set of exercise. As the memory of such action has a longer history from. In comparison of a beginning which such memory has no origins of points. But regardless, the existing tools in us, are permanent. Even in creation of a new tool, the prior knowledges of the old tools, are

taken even without conscious, in creation of a new one. Thus every new tool, is an alteration of an old.

A word is in constant refinement. 

Alexander Sebastianus H.


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