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 Coming froms


The birth, arrival and origins confirms the very existence of the self.

Or rather limits. The significance of the coming from, influence the been, being and becoming of an individual.

“Sangkan-paran”, the source and the mouth of rivers. Rivers from the village I was born, to the muddy canals of the paved city I grew to be. The phrase is never used, but rather embedded in the everyday question when one crosses paths to another. The question “How are you?” does not exist in my mother tongue, or rather comes rarely.

“Where are you going?” or
“Where have you come from?”
are rather common.

These questions the varying points of beginnings and ends within ones journey. It revisits an awareness of positioning and locating origins and becomings. A concrete answer is never expected in the daily encounter. In questioning, the encounter is the meeting of myself at pause. A resting space.

Still. Like a resting needle,

carrying the thread of the from.

____________________is a compound Javanese word, denoting both original source (sangkan) and final destination (paran)

Alexander Sebastianus H.


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