Archived stills from the last pilgramage are exposed with sunlight, after the application of the Cyanotypesolution. This alt-photography process uses a light sensitive pigment of ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide, giving a dark blue impression from the negative exposed. The process is metaphoric with the transitionary shedding of light ruminates the experience during several of my Waldeinsamkeit2. Like the depth of forest light enters, from dawn to dusk, washed and blessed with the midst and humidty that preserves such.

Abdi Alam, is an on-going installation that re-sacralize lurik weavings as forest guardians throughout in Merubetiri National Park. For this collection gathered Javanese Teak and Mahogany barks are extracted to tint each print, giving a warm hue of every tree remnants. 

1. James, Christopher. “The Cyanotype Process.” Book of Alternative Photographic Processes. Cengage Learning, 2016, pp. 102–123.

2. Tieck, Ludwig: Der gestiefelte Kater – Märchen aus dem „Phantasus“ . Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2008.

Alexander Sebastianus H.

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