V. Ethnography I: Ambatik 





The public knowledge of a material culture may change over time, assimilating to the contemporary culture it adheres. Batik, a traditional Indonesian (specifically Javanese) textile process and material, have lost its history and significance, from commercialization, nationalism and cultural diffusion. One of the misconception of Batik is its own definition, as "traditional Indonesian motif", rather than a textile process. Manufactured printed textile with Indonesian "Batik" motifs, are considered as Batik by the majority of the textile consumer population. 

This research roots in exploring how Batik is made and the significance of the process as human experience and ritual. Through deconstruction an re-construction the ethnographer as a maker gains experiential and qualitative data that is physically and visually evident in the original material form. The results will be variable and different due to contemporary context of the maker and ethnographer


Visualization & Materialization of Research