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Design Projects

Modes of practices are continuously reinvented. Every project and process found its end with further possibilities of solutions in multiplicity of questions. Experiential Ethnography as data survey, Cartography as design navigation, Material Meditations as object ontological research and Re-contextualizing Literacies are a few out of many methodologies and strategies continuously found within my design and thinking practices.


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Alexander Sebastianus - Indonesian Graphic Designer

Project Push Pin |  Co-Founder, Creative Director & Designer /16'

Project Push Pin, is a collaborative platform that aims to unite youths, entrepreneurs, and creatives to passionately design and curate projects to exhibit and share Indonesia’s rich and vivid culture ethically and courageously.

Case Study Research
Overview Work

Alexander Sebastianus - Think Nusantara Design

Think Nusantara | Branding, Web and Product Ideation & Designer /16'

Think Nusantara is a submission-based online publication that seeks to involve Indonesia's youth in a discussion on our nation's holistic development. 

Rebranding & Ideation
Research + Brainstorm
Organization's Social Media


Retooling Critique | Research Assistant and Ethnographer /19'

Retooling Critique is a group research lead by Judith Leemann funded by a MassArt President’s Curriculum Development Grant with the intent of supporting the development of a new course, Critique Practices, offered in Spring 2018. It intends to bring the wider MassArt community some trailheads for further inquiry into studio critique in relation to the college’s mission as a public institution to provide an equitable and inclusive education in art and design. 

The group research invites artist/activist/educators Kenneth Bailey, Billie Lee, Judith Leemann, Adelheid Mers, Anthony Romero and Caroline Woolard.


Alexander Sebastianus - Textile Arts Researcher

Threads of Life | Videographer, Video Editor & Visual Ethnographer /15'

Threads of Life is a fair trade business that works with culture and conservation to alleviate poverty in rural indonesia. The heirloom-quality textiles and baskets we commission are made with local materials and natural dyes to an exquisite standard usually seen only in museums. By directing an appropriate market for indigenous craft, we are able to maintain fair trade for weavers and craftswomen throughout the archipelago.

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Kopi Kami | Founder, Product Developer & Design /16'

Kopi Kami is an initiative and collaborative project with local farmers and roasters throughout different regions of Indonesia. 

This project aims to promote ethically and sustainable produced Indonesian coffees. We want to also acknowledge the farmers dedication along with their living and vivid coffee culture and heritage in our brand.  



Lucy's Batik | Textile Consultant, Creative Designer & Marketing /15'

Lucy’s Batik introduces various characteristic of Batik handmade in Java and Bali collected exclusively for home, gallery, wear, and arts preservation.
Project Development, Branding & Ideation



New England Indonesian Festival 14', 15' & 16' | Creative Director, Marketing & Advisor /16'

Held in Copley Square, Boston, the New England Indonesian Festival is the largest Indonesian event in the United States that is expected to attract up to 10,000 attendees this coming September. 

Each year, NEIF aims to showcase Indonesia's rich and beautiful culture through various Indonesian foods, traditional performances, and arts and crafts workshops. 


Sej’arah Rasa | Ideation and Co-Creator/18'

Sejarah Rasa is a concept culinary multi-grated experience of taste—Rasa from Indonesia’s melting pot of 300 ethnic cultures, continually growing and changing in contemporaneity. Centuries of passed down delicacies, are shared through a very story telling dining service.


ámbu | Founder & Product Developer /17'

Ambu is an Ayurveda apothecary hand-selected and made to cater varying needs of the body, mind and soul. Ambu distills this traditional knowledge of wellness into contemporary forms that support the body beyond the surface layer of the skin. Gathered and made in Bali.